sábado, 6 de septiembre de 2014

Tim Rhoades: Three months (Single, 2014)

Tim Rhoades has been described by a critic as “eloquence bathed in enticing melody seeping from a sensual soul”, which is a poignant and accurate description of this indie alt-folk artist. Tim is a master storyteller. A charismatic native kiwi boy with clean good looks and a musical talent that’s been instilled by his passion to embrace life, love and real experiences. Tim writes wholesome tunes that connect with the heart and dig deep right to the core. The emotion is raw and consuming, carefully wrapped up in a bundle of soulful melodic genius. Tim’s like a breath of fresh air with his mix of cruisy easy listening rolling vocals, cleverly mixed with his chord-snipping guitar and blended with the sympathetic collaboration of musical brilliance from folk guitarist Jake Ervin, bass player Steve Moodie and master class drumming and percussion skills of cousin Mike Rhoades. Tim's music radiates honesty. You feel an instant sense of connection. His words give meaning and exude sincerity. He takes you on a journey of mandatory discovery while nurturing the senses and massaging the soul with raw honesty and relatable words. With the imminent release of his first single “Three Months” due out at the end of September, Tim Rhoades will deliver all that and more!

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