miércoles, 13 de abril de 2016

Personal Best: Arnos Vale (2016)

Recorded late 2014 in the misty hills of mid-Wales with Gethin Pearson (The Enemy / Chain of Flowers), the album builds on last year’s debut, The Lovin’ EP. Like all the best pop they aren’t afraid to sing unashamedly about love; exhilaration and anxiety of being in love, realising what you have but being scared to lose it. lyrically, Arnos Vale focuses on the short n' sweet. If you’re already acquainted expect more of the same; a no-frills, chorus-and-riff-heavy power pop record! Influenced heavily by the 1990s US indie rock scene, Personal Best take cues from the likes of Superchunk, The Lemonheads & Sleater Kinney, to create a dynamic and hook filled album.

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