jueves, 28 de enero de 2016

Soft Serve: Soft Serve (2015)

Guitar music — this simply sums up the first full-length from Vancouver, BC's Soft Serve. Self-recorded in the apartment to the personal studio, this self-titled introduction experiments with both cassette 4-track and DI recording techniques, putting one foot in the past while planting another firmly in the present. Songs on the album lyrically touch on everything from family dynamics, personal mantras, staying behind while the rest travel the world, to the disdain for the boomer generation. Hints of Felt, the Clean, Josef K, Go-Betweens, Feelies and Orange Juice can be found when looking, but this is not a throwback by any means. The songs find themselves grounded in the present state of rock music with a sentiment. The self-released cassette/digital album is out now for personal consumption and streaming/download. Hope you enjoy!

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