sábado, 14 de noviembre de 2015

Static in Verona: Odd anthem (2015)

Static in Verona is the work of Chicago musician Rob Merz, which brings electronic and experimental elements into a predominantly indie pop sound. After a stint in other musical projects over many years, this is Merz’s own solo work with every element – writing, performing every instrument and keeping the production in his hands. After the draining three-year process it took to make Static in Verona’s second album “Everything You Knew Before You Knew Everything,” Merz decided to take a different approach on its follow-up and instead of meticulously writing then recording the music, he started with very loose ideas and then experimented with the structure and instrumentation in the studio. This creative freedom opened the door many new sounds and unexpected twists that may not have happened otherwise. Merz also focused on keeping the collection concise, catchy and upbeat to further engage the listener. The finished product is "Odd Anthem," Static in Verona’s third album. 

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