martes, 18 de agosto de 2015

Fuxa & Neil Mckay: Apollo Soyuz (2015)

Fuxa & Neil Mackay debut album "APOLLO SOYUZ". Nieman and Mackay join forces on this stellar new release. Nieman, best known as the frontman of detroit's space rock group fuxa as well as being a member of sonic boom's spectrum for the better part of a decade. he's also contributed to and collaborated on albums by the telescopes, windy and carl, add n to x, martin rev of suicide just to name a few. Neil Mackay, best known as the former bass player to the legendary UK psych group loop as well as being a member of the groups juicy eureka and the hair and skin trading company. finally these two have joined sonic forces on this debut album taking all they have learned over the years with a dash of electro influences and blended them up seamlessly for a powerful debut album of epic cosmic proportions! astronauts report it feels good and without question, space IS the place!

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