martes, 21 de julio de 2015

White Manna: Pan (2015)

We’ve been waiting for astral travelers White Manna to return from last year’s Come Down Safari. And apparently White Manna has oriented their vessel of noise back to Earth, because their new album Pan (named after the Greek god of nature) will be dropping May 26th, 2015. 

On this new album, White Manna paints landscapes with their sound. Pan ebbs and flows like the Pacific tides, leaning heavily on Stooges-esque Raw Power, then expanding the atmosphere in the manner of Hawkwind’s Silver Machine. Guitarist David Johnson states that, living on the remote north coast of California, “…the trees, beaches, and open spaces where we live are all integral parts of our approach to music.” 

The Pan tracks have been perfected through live performance during the band’s recent European tours, including high-profile gigs such as Liverpool Psych Fest. The album recording was dialed in at the Compound Manila and laid to tape at Lucky Cat Recording by Phil Manley. The psychedelic mazes on the cover art are brought to you by the amazing, AP Shrewsbury. 

This spring, White Manna will put the pedal to the metal, hitting up the southwest with Mugstar and sharing the stage with the likes of the 13th Floor Elevators, Flaming Lips and Tame Impala at Austin Psych Fest. 

The album will be released in multiple vinyl configurations in a 350g, full color sleeve with a digital download code. The compact disc version and the digital download will include 2 bonus tracks that are not on the vinyl. The album will be available in the United Kingdom and Europe via Cardinal Fuzz. 

The Captcha crew has spent the past year deep in Humboldt headspace, immersed in the beauty of the natural world within the Emerald Triangle. However, it hasn’t been all play… in fact, we have been working steadily to take it to the next level. We are thrilled to be working in conjunction with Humboldt State University to offer an experimental course entitled “Analog Masters.” This course is making it possible for us to work with a thirsty and highly motivated group of college students en route to releasing new, cutting-edge material. Each year students will be working with a band to shoot promotional photo and video, draft a marketing campaign, and publicize the album release and subsequent shows. We’re stoked to announce that this spring, Captcha Records inaugural Analog Masters class will be working with Nor-Cal space masters White Manna to release their next album, Pan.

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