jueves, 30 de abril de 2015

Fire/Works: Elephants (Single, Vicious Buzz, 2015)

Neo-Folkies revisitando el género y dándole nueva vida a generaciones de autores y performers de uno de los estilos más empleados y más destacables de la historia de la música popular.

"It’s tracks like “Elephants” by Fire/Works that shows off the true talent and ability of this duo. The steady strumming of the acoustic guitar throughout the song gives such a calm vibe of old-fashioned folklore storytelling, yet with a slow build leading into their powerful verses, Fire/Works is certainly giving folk-rock an edge. Their blend of the classic rhythms of the guitar accompanied by the surprisingly strong melodic support of the accordion is what holds this entire track together instrumentally. Top it off with Peter’s and Lagacé’s harmonizations and spellbinding lyrics, and we’ve got an instant hit for everyone. Giving us the perfect track to get lost in the woods to, Fire/Works brings to the ears a tranquil grit that simultaneously intrigues, stimulates, and comforts. “Elephants” is undoubtedly an acoustic piece that will make you want to wander in the woods until you find your own elephant in the dark" (Press)

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