martes, 31 de marzo de 2015

The Goldhearts: On the run (Single, 2015)

The Goldhearts are a newly formed band from the Gold Coast and include 2 members of ex-Brisbane based indie band The Dream Poppies who played on the Australian SXSW showcase in 1997 and a New York show case at CBGB’s on the same trip. Margy previously on bass and vocals had a batch of unrecorded songs, and discovered producer Govinda Doyle (Big Jet Plane Angus and Julia Stone) living in Northern NSW, just down the road from her current base on the Southern Gold Coast. Together they recorded a catchy album that single handedly invents the indie/pop/grunge/twang genre telling stories of life, love, and crime and providing a tantalising salute to times when girl led bands ruled the radio in the 90's. The project and the sound of the songs caught the attention of Matt O’Connor from The A&R Department who remixed their first single "On the Run", recognising its unique and quirky quality, suggesting "it doesn’t sound like anything else at the moment". To bring the album to life Margy coaxed 3 ex Brisbane band members out of hiding. On the Gold Coast she found Claire (drummer, vocals) ex all girl punk metal band Razel and done it all Daren (metal funk folk) on bass. Tracey (buzzsaw guitarist from the Dream Poppies) wasliving incognito in Sydney’s' inner west and like everyone looking for a band or festival name, they dug out the Neil Young LP’s, and formed The Goldhearts. It’s safe to say The Goldhearts charge sheet speaks for itself as the hooky alt pop alt country alt grunge single "On the Run" offers sage advice for daily living “when you’re on the run, don’t stop for no-one” "if you're smoking crack.. Watch out for the Jacks" (cops), You’ll be singing, sniggering and chewing straw by the end, but I don’t think you’ll be seeing them at Tamworth.

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