jueves, 19 de marzo de 2015

Here Is Your Temple: Equivoke (Single, Bolero Recordings, 2015)

After the success with debut EP, “So High”, spot plays at BBC6, nice reviews and support slots to Imagine Dragons, Here Is Your Temple returns with the single "Equivoke", the track to appear from the band's forthcoming debut album. The song is described by the band as a tribute to the everyday relationships: ""Est qui (is that), Equivoke, my middle name" starts the song off with a question and a assertion. Reality is partial to the beholder. The text is a reconciliation and a celebration of everyday relations, nothing specific, none the less the one with yourself. In a way the text is a conversation and meant to play down the seriousness of it all assuming we really don't know anything for sure at all so you might as well get to it. As the sun cooled off I'd jump on my bike and go swimming on my way to the club"

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