miércoles, 18 de febrero de 2015

Gravel Bath: Abraxis (Single, 2015)

Not many bands live up to their name. You wanna call yourself “Sandy Pelican”, you better be out there pelicaning the shit out of bitches. You wanna call yourself “Dark Abyss”, you better be on the local news tomorrow for at least attempted suicide (you big fat floppy pussy, you).
Gravel Bath, sounds just like it’s name. Gravel milk-shake would have also worked. So would Gravel-based-lubricant. But there’s no need to get all choosey. Peep their debut single ‘Abraxis’ right now, right here, on the mother-fucker of all music blogs, Dingus. And when that guitar choppin comes riding in, just remember we told you so. [Free Download@dingusonmusic

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