domingo, 7 de diciembre de 2014

Tom Levin: More than a song (Single, 2014)

When I wrote the songs to ”Them Feet”, my idea was to make an album with a faster beat compared to previous ones. But when it was completed I realized, in spite of a few more up beat songs than before, that it was a pretty slow album. I immediately decided to have another go. With the help from a metronome, on which I enhanced the tempo, I embraced the stadium rocker within me and began writing, says Tom. Some of the songs were written when Tom was involved with project The House of Songs, where artists from all over the world and different genres, come together to write music. ”Girl from Nova Scotia” is a tribute to artist Mo Kenny, who attented The House of Songs together with Tom and who's later won several awards in Canada. Other lyric themes are life-long friendship, bisons, grandmothers, everyday life as a parent and having discussions about human values with men at carrentals.

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