jueves, 20 de noviembre de 2014

Teardrop Factory: Trash in the heart (2014)

Teardrop Factory's debut album, 'Thrash in the Heart', falls into existence in a swirling haze of broken sleep, streams of consciousness and teen despondency. The Brighton based duo pick up from where they left last year's excellent 'Topshop EP' but expand their alternative 90s worshiping earworms with an added layer of noise. Grit and scuzz consume 13 pop songs about mermaids, electric ghosts, car crashes, geometry, surfing, eating insects, video games and lucid dreams. Tina Muat and Andy Ward assumed a number of roles in the creative process of Thrash In The Heart, from committing their ideas to tape using a four track recorded before rummaging through each recording to flesh out the ideas into perfectly formed, fuzz-laden dreamscapes, to creating a matching aesthetic for the album’s artwork, videos and press shots.

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