jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2014

Scrabbled: Welcome to Pig City (2014)

Welcome to Pig City: the debut album from rag-tag Brisbane collective Scrabbled is finally yours to own on some long extinct media called ‘a cassette tape’. But who are Scrabbled and what’s the deal with them piggy-backing on the monumental success of Andrew Stafford’s Pig City? Well, Pig City is back in town alleges lead-vocalist and full-time dissident Bek Moore (Clag). “Have you seen the way they look? They’ve got no legs, bodies like eggs / They’re a bunch of crooks.” Joh’s back, baby! Campbell Newman is the new blood: he’s scrapped literature prizes, health initiatives and clean energy initiatives; terrorised every leather loving man on a motorcycle and taken aim at everyone from Lawyers to Ben & Jerry’s Ice-cream. Yeah, Brisbane can really suck a fat one. Scrabbled signifies the coming together of two different generations; the 80s punks that experienced Joh’s mighty cultural iron curtain and the Gen Y’s left to lean. If there’s enough of a racket we might finally get some piece and quiet. Featuring members of: Extrafoxx, Dag, Primitive Motion, Per Purpose, Muura, X Wave, Sun of The Seventh Sister, Gravel Samwidge, Bent, Dragster and more!

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