viernes, 24 de octubre de 2014

Spitula Clark: Love and Desire (Ep, 2014)

Pleased to announce the first official ep release by Spitula Clark on Band Camp! The Love & Desire ep features the third single from our sophomore album plus three b-sides. It is the end of summer and in keeping with the season our ep contains songs of loss, longing and reflections of good times past. As stated before our second full length: Illuminations has been considered complete once in in 2012, again in 2013 and finally again in mid-2014. The reason for the delay being: new songs bumping old songs out of the original track listing. Well not to put this batch of tunes down but the b-sides for this ep are the songs that didn’t make it onto the album. We still like these songs very much but to put it simply they are just not psychedelic or spacey enough to match the feel of the new record. The a-side of the ep and the two songs that have been posted previous for the purpose of streaming are more representative of the songs included on our new album titled: Illuminations.

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