martes, 7 de octubre de 2014

Southern Boutique: Southern Boutique (2014)

In June I was telling you all about the two debut singles by this Austin trio (also both free downloads), and it turns out they had a full album up their sleeves which is now out. I didn't really do my research with that first review, but I'm now able to tell you that these three had previously been in the band Tiger Waves, which goes some way to explaining how accomplished those debut singles and now this album are. For the most part it's marvelous Beach Boys inspired indie pop with great vocal arrangements, lashings of psychedelia and moments of lovely vintage surf-pop that mesh perfectly with its more contemporary moments. The closest comparison I can conjure is Lawrence Arabia if he'd been raised on the Beach Boys rather than the Beatles. Quite why these gents are giving an album of this quality away for free while some forward thinking indie label like Bella Union hasn't snapped it up is a mystery to me, and one that you should take advantage of. Download, marvel and share with all your friends. The sooner Southern Boutique are household names the better.

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