sábado, 20 de septiembre de 2014

Mike Simmons: Pop-Leech (2014)

Pop-Leech by Mike SimmonsMike Simmons’ Pop-Leech is something you would listen to while driving around on a hot summer’s day with the windows rolled down. It may be a short 21 minutes long but it certainly packs a punch with its hard-hitting 90′s rock feel that might just send you back to your rebellious teenage years. With songs like ‘Waterbug’ and ‘I’m Not There’, Pop-Leech is almost the exact opposite of his album Pill Head, which is more chill yet equally as awesome. So, Pop-Leech is like Pill Head’s cooler, older brother that likes to throw down at shows rather than standing to the side. I dig it. @caaarlirose

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