miércoles, 3 de septiembre de 2014

Go NoGo: New folks (Ep, Emerald & Doreen Records, 2014)

Since 2012, go nogo have released a string of single tracks, which in the company of many assorted remixers have gained wide recognition. In many cases, renowned collaborators like Acid Washed, Skatebard, Kaito or Woolfy contributed versions, which were more than supportive for the original tunes. Eric Schemer and Fred Scholl have now decided, that the time has come to let five originals speak for themselves. Many songs accumulated over the years of which they have picked five to demonstrate go nogo’s full range of variety and influences. Every single tune tells a tale, wrapped up in sounds to support their narrative character – starting with the zap noise of changing tv channels in „New Folks“ and ending with the NASA-data check-up in „Apollo Go“. Singer and producer Fred Scholl paints musical pictures by using Eric’s electronically manipulated guitars on a shoegazerish canvas, adding dubbed-out sounds, grounded by different beats at various speed levels.

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