miércoles, 10 de septiembre de 2014

G.Green: Brain fuck (Single, 2014)

Sacramento party punks are back with their second album on Mt.St.Mtn. A slight departure from the wildly careening noise-punk of "Crap Culture", G.Green's "Area Codes" showcases a seasoned, confident touring band and Andrew Henderson's solid, soul-baring songwriting, all wrapped up in a cohesive LP that speeds effortlessly from song to song, always with reckless intent, but never so much to derail the party train. With producer Chris Woodhouse (Mayyors) at the helm, G.Green puts bad sex, drugs, heart-break, drunken frustration and fuck-you ambivalence to tape. G.Green will be touring in support of "Area Codes" in Summer and Fall of 2014.

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